How To Check Apple Repair Status? Find Your IPhone Repair Status.

Once you gave your Apple device like iPhone, Macbook to Apple service Center for the repair. You can easily check the status of your device online in some easy steps.

Here we are going to explain how you can check the apple repair status.

You can check the status of your Apple device repair from their website, just visit here

To check the Status of your device you need two things

  • Case or repair id
  • Postal code/Serial no

Case or repair id: when you gave your device to Apple service Center, ask them for the repair ID. Or you can also get it from your confirmation email get from the apple service Center.

Serial no: you can get it by using the apple support guide

To find the apple repair status you required both the information.

In case of wrong details, it will show you the error message.  So please double check your details

Now come to the steps which you need to follow

  • Visit the link, we provided you at the beginning
  • It will bring you a form
  • First type your case or repair Id
  • Next, provide the postal code or serial no
  • Submit it

Once you will submit the details you will get the current status of your device.

In case you find any error or have any other issue related it please notify us by the comment.

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