ePSXe Cheat Codes | How To Download ePSXe Cheat Pack v.3.0?

What Is ePSXe

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What Is ePSXe

ePSXe which means “Enhance PSX Emulator”.

It is a gaming console emulator for PlayStation developed by ePSXe Software which released in 2000 for Windows, Linux, and Android operating systems.

How To Download ePSXe Cheat Pack v.3.0

You can easily download ePSXe latest v.3.0 from the PSX Datacenter.

Here are the steps to do this

  • Visit the PSX Datacenter
  • Visit the download page
  • Search for the ePSXe cheat pack v.3.0
  • Install it

Updates In Latest Version Of ePSXe Cheat Pack v.3.0

  • Many new cheat codes and updates are added to the new version
  • The old error and issues are fixed in the latest version
  • Cheats codes for many new games are added for the first time.

How to Install ePSXe cheat pack v.3.0

  • Download the cheat pack from the given download link.
  • Visit the cheat folder of ePSXe
  • Unpack the cheat pack which you download
    You are done


Cheats packs works properly for the following versions

  1. ePSXe v.1.8.0
  2. ePSXe v.1.9.0

Second option To Install Download ePSXe Cheat Pack v.3.0?

You can use the ePSXe cheat with the help of “PEC cheat plugin”

Below we are going to guide you that how you will do this

How to use the PEC cheat option in ePSXe

  • Visit the PEC plugin website
  • Download the the plugin
  • Now set it as a video plugin in ePSXe
  • Now enjoy cheats

Features of PEC Cheat Plugin

  • Support all of the PSX emulators: it is compatible with all of the PSX emulators like ePSXe, PSEmu Pro, AdriPSX etc.
  • Better support
  • Huge database of game: Support Cheat codes for around 1800 games
  • Huge database of cheats: ti comes with around 7000+ pre-entered cheats
  • Free: 100% free to use

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