What To Do If ePSXe has stopped working? Here is The Solution

This is the common issue asked by the many ePSXe users that whenever they try to run the Bios or try to run the ISO, it stops working.

so what is the solution?

I also faced this issue when I first download the ePSXe emulator to play games. When I was trying to run the ISO, ePSXe stop working.

And the solution gets two days to fix. Because no one was there to help me.

But the solution is easy and will not take more than few minutes to fix the issue.

Follow the following recommendation To Fix Issue

Run the ePSXe as administrator

When you will run the emulator with the Administrator, there are two possibilities.

  1. The issue will be fixed
  2. Or you will get the another error message that you are missing a .dll file

If the .dll file is missing then follow the steps listed below.

  • Search the .dll file online
  • Download the .dll file
  • Extract the download file
  • Place it in ePSXe folder with ePSXe.exe

Note: The download files may be affected by any virus or malware so run a malware scan to the file before extracting.

What to do, if still issue is not resolved?

If still the issue occurred so try this solution. Follow the following option

  • Open the the ePSXe
  • Under the option navigation find the CPU overclocking
  • It will bring multiple options including “X1”
  • Select X1

Hope the solution will work for you.

Can also try the solutions given here, if still, ePSXe has stopped working?

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