How To Deal If External Hard Drive Not Showing Up On Mac

After os X Yosemite update lots of Mac users reported this issue in the Apple forum and community that that external hard drive in lot showing in the “drive” instead it is showing in the disk usability section.

So here we will go through the solution that how to fix this issue “ External hard drive not showing up on Mac”

First method

  • Visit setting
  • Finder preferences
  • General tab
  • Tap on external drive
  • Show these items on desktop

2nd method

  • Visit disk utility
  • Visit left sidebar
  • Select external drive
  • Tap on verify disc

You are done, this method will find all of the basic errors and correct them.

Method 3rd

If you are using the USB hub to connect the external drive to Mac so please first check the USB hub for any error.

4th methods

  • Visit the finder menu
  • Select Go to finder
  • Here you need to enter the external drive path

note: You can find the “external drive path” under the disk utility

Method 5

  • You need to go to the finder window
  • Check the favorite list
  • Select the disc in case of greyed Out

It really works for many users, if still the issue occurs try the other methods given below

Method 6

  • You need to shut down your Mac Pc
  • Also, unplug the power cord
  • Now check the USB connection and if there is any USB connection please remove it
  • Wait for 5 minute
  • Plug in again
  • Turn on your device
  • Now check

Method 7

  • You need to try the onyx
  • Which is a maintenance freeware
  • Or run any other alternative
  • After installing onyx restart your Pc.

Method 8

Sometimes this error occurs because of unsupported drive format. So you can try fuse or fuse wait or any other. Then go to restart your device and check again for the error

If still problem not resolves, you can install the fresh OSX Yosemite. or delete the partition of drive by connecting it to the window Pc. And connect back to your Mac device.

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