How To Delete Documents And Data Files On iPhone/iPad To Free Space

First, what is documents and data? And the data stored in the document and data have any use?

Documents and data is that section of your iPhone where the cache, malicious, and some other temporary data for various apps are stored.

No all of the data stored Here is not useful. By deleting the files of documents and data you can free a huge space for your phone.

How to find how to delete these files from your phone.

Follow our step by step guide given below.

As well as we also tell you how you can delete other cache and useless files to make plenty of space.

  • Go to the setting of your iPhone device
  • Click on iPhone storage,

Here you can Check out the things like

  1. How much space is consumed
  2. How much space is left
  3. Space consumed by the individual apps

Now click on any app to get more details.

Once you will click any app it will show you two things.

  1. The actual size of the app
  2. The size consumed by that app for documents and data

Now you can remove this data to make some space.

Here you have two options

  • Offload the app
  • Delete the app and install it

Offload the app: it means if you offload the app it will free the space taken by the app without deleting the app. Later when need to use the app, you can reinstall it. When you reinstall the app it will restore all of the data.

With this option, you don’t need to delete some useful data in order to make some space. You can later restore it easily.

Delete the app and install it again: But if you don’t need that data and it is totally useless so delete the app and reinstall it.

Note: this action can’t be undo. If you delete the app, you will lose your data for always.

How to delete and reinstall the app

  • Visit phone setting
  • Now tap on general
  • Click on storage and iCloud usage

Now you will get three options

  1. Used
  2. Available
  3. Manage storage

Click on the third option “manage storage” and it will show you the list of individual apps with the storage details taken by the apps.

  • Now click on the app
  • Click on delete

The app is deleted to your phone, now reinstall the app from apps store.

How To Delete Documents And Data Of Various Apps From Icloud

  • Go to the setting of iPhone
  • Now click on your profile (click on Icloud If using IOS 10.2 or earlier version )
  • Now click iCloud
  • Go to the manage storage
  • It will bring all apps which data is saved in Icloud with information about the space taken by the apps.
  • Click on the app which you want to remove
  • Now click on Delete Documents & Data.
  • Click on delete to confirm.

You do not need to store all of your apps in iCloud. Only allow some selected apps.  If you do this you don’t need to come here again and again to delete Documents and Data files.

How to Allow Or Disallow Apps From ICloud

  • Go to Setting
  • click on your profile
  • Now go to iCloud
  • Turn on only useful and necessary apps

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