How To Download iTunes For Window (Window XP, Vista, 8, 8.1,10)?

If you love music, movies or TV shows so here is iTunes for all of these works. iTunes is one of the popular product of Apple which let you enjoy movies, TV shows, music and much more to your MAC and Windows PC.

iTunes is not free, it is a premium application. So you have to pay for using its features.

You have to purchase whatever you need like music, movie or anything else from iTunes store.

To buy you have to visit the iTunes store where you can easily purchase anything you want to entertain yourself.

Whatever you will buy, ┬áit will be stored on iCloud which comes for free with the iTunes. Means you don’t need to pay for using iCloud.

Below we explaining how you can download iTunes for Windows, as well also guide you through the installation process.

Download the iTunes

#Visit the official website of Apple and with the help of the download link you can download it.

#Once download is complete. Visit the download file and run the download file.

#As it will start you need to click the next and then agree the license terms and conditions.

#Once you will accept the license term. It will take you to the installation options page.

Here you can select or ignore these things.

  • Add iTunes and make shortcut on the desktop
  • Use iTunes as a default media player for music

Then click next

#Now it will ask to choose the default language for the software. You can select any which you want or leave it to default which will be “English US”.

Now choose the location for the insulation file, by default it saves in the c drive under program file folder. Leave it default or you can change it your desired location.

Now you just need to “click install” to finish the complete installation process.

Note: restart your Pc after the installation is complete. You must always restart your Pc after installing software.

Some Features Of iTunes

  • Around more than 40 million songs to stream
  • No irritating ads
  • Can download for offline use

if you buy iTunes now you will get three-month free access as a trail. You can cancel it anytime if don’t want to continue your subscription.

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