How To Fix The Issue, I Forgot My Apple ID Password.

Suppose you forgot the apple id password but don’t know how to recover or reset the Apple id.

It is simple and will take just a few minutes to recover your apple id credential.

Step 1st

  • Visit my apple id page
  • Tap on reset my password

Step 2nd

  • Now enter the apple id email address
  • Now tap next

Note: in case if you do not remember your apple email id. Try the steps listed below

  1. Tap on Forget your apple id
    It will take you to a landing page where you will be able to recover your apple id email address.

Ok now comes to the steps,

Step 3

Once you entered the apple id email address. You have three option to recover or change the password.

  1. Answer the security question
  2. Email authentication
  3. Or can use two-step verification

You can try any one of the given options to recover the password.

Answer the security question

  • Tap on this option
    Now it will ask for the date of birth, enter and click next
    Now answer the security question which you set during the setup of the iPhone.
    Then tap on reset password
    You are done

Email authentication

  • Tap on this option
  • As you click on this option you will get the message “email has been sent”
  • Go to your email and check inbox.
  • Follow the given link and instructions in order to reset your Apple id password.

Two-step verification

  • Enter the verification code
  • Choose a trusted device
  • Check any verification code comes from the apple
  • Enter the verification code

Note: here in this step, “recovery key” and “traded device” both are required. In case if you don’t have any of the thing, you can’t change your password.

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