How To Fix If iPad Stuck On Apple Logo (100% Working)

This is the most common issue with the iPad users when they try to access their iPad, it stuck on apple logo. Once it stuck on apple logo Nothing happen, it remains same.

Before visiting any nearest service Centre you can try these following troubleshoots to fix the issue.

Because if your device is out of warranty, these home solutions can save some of your money.

Hard Reset

The first thing you need to do is go for a hard reset your iPad. Or you can force quit an application

How to force quit an application

  1. Hold the sleep wake button for few seconds, leave it when the apple logo appears on the screen
  2. Then click the home switch till the application force quit.
  3. Now off and on your device.
  4. If still problem comes, force reset your device

How to force reset

  • You need to press the home and wake button at same time till the Apple logo start appearing.
  • Wait for few moment your device is under force reset.

How to fix the issue with iMyfone iOS System Recovery

It is a utility tool for the IOS devices which help you fix the common error with ios devices without restoring your device.

With this tool, you can fix the issues like iPad stuck to logo, black screen, white screen etc.

So here is the process

  • Download iMyfone iOS System Recovery to your computer. Support window and Mac.
    After download launch it
  • Connect your iPad to computer. It will take some time to recognize your device. And soon it will ask to fix the operating system. Click Start

In order to fix the issue, the tool requires firmware. This tool will itself suggest your suitable version of firmware for your device. Tap on it to start downloading.

  1. Once the firmware is downloaded, the tool will start fixing the issue of your device.
  2. After some moment the tool will automatically show you that “your device is fixed”.

There is one more method you can try for this issue

Use iTunes

To fix the error can use iTunes for factory restore. The process is simple. Here is the guide

Note: factory restore your device can detect all of your device data so Please be Careful while doing this. Always choose the last restore for the minimum risk.

  • Connect your device to computer
  • Then go to launch the iTunes
  • Your device will be shown on the left side under device tab
  • Now you need to tap to “restore”

Now it will ask you for the backup, it is not compulsory but we will advise you to have a backup.

iTunes need confirmation for the factory restore. Confirm it

Now, wait till the process ends.

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