How To fix If iPhone Won’t Turn On Or Charge. (All Possible Troubleshoot)

Several of time when you try to turn on your device it doesn’t start. So what you do,

The first thing which comes at this point that it may be the battery related issue. So you plug-in the charger over the night but still it did start or show charging.

So here we are going to share the possible troubleshoots.

Symptoms of this error

  1. Phone does not start with power button
  2. Only work when plug in to the charger
  3. Black screen showing
  4. When you turn on the phone it respond but soon it turns off
  5. Sometimes just “connect to iTunes” error shows and turn off

Try the following troubleshoots

Restart your device, first go for a force restart

Force restart differ in different iPhone vision

  • IPhone6, iPhone 6s, iPhone6s+ and all iPad and iPods: Press the home button along with the power button at same time. Hold it till you don’t see the apple logo
  • iPhone 7 and 7+: you have to press the power and volume down button at same time for few seconds. Leave it when you see the apple logo.
  • iPhone 8, 8 plus and 10:  It is little complicated, follow the given steps
  1. Press and quickly release the volume up button
  2. Then quickly press and leave the volume down key
  3. Then quickly press and hold power button for few seconds

There are much possibilities that your issue will be resolved after the force restart but if still, the problem occurs. Try the next solution.

Plug your charger

You need to plug in your charger but you need to avoid power strip to the plug-in charger. You have to directly plug-in the charger to iPhone device into the wall outlet.

After this restart your device

Many users feedback that plug-in the iPhone charger directly into the wall outlet actually works.

Check the charger port

If Still the problem occurs after applying these two troubleshoot then you need to check your charger port. It is the common issue with mostly all of the old devices that due to debris it creates problem while Charging.

So we will recommend you to check your Apple device charger port for the debris and clean it.

How to clean

  • Remove the port from device
  • Take a plastic clip
  • Clear debris

Now once the cleaning of the port is done, try the 2nd solution and I then 1st.

  1. Clean the port
  2. directly plug-in the charger to the device into the wall outlet
  3. Force restart your phone

Connect to iTunes error

If your phone is showing the message “connect to iTunes” when you try to power on the phone after charging your device.

So you Need to go to the recovery mode. In case if the mechanical Home button is not on your device so you can use volume down button instead.

Here are the steps for the recovery mode

  • Connect your Apple device to computer
  • Now open iTunes
  • Now you need to follow the direction where it says forced restart
  • After few steps, you will get the massage of restore
  • Tap on restore
  • Now it will reboot your device and setup up.

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