How Fix Error “To Allow Access Please Respond To Your iPhone”

What this problem Is about

First, try to find what exactly the problem is.

When you try to access your iTunes accounts from the Mac with your iPhone or iPad. it shows the error to allow access please respond to your phone.

Ok let’s go into some details

  • The issue starts when your iPhone or iPad device is disabled.
  • it asks to connect to iTunes on your Mac Pc.
  • Once you plugging to your phones, your Mac computer asks you to allow to sync from your phone.
  • But When you click to continue it shows you the message that you have to respond to your phone.

Troubleshoot this issue is easy.

How to solve this error “To Allow Access Please Respond To Your iPhone”

#First way

Ignore It

  • Just ignore the message
  • Wait to respond the software once it will finish running
  • After few minute you see a massage where prompt will ask you to trust the computer
  • You need to click on trust
  • Which will result that the error will be fixed

#Second way

Restore your iPhone

If the first solution didn’t work for you. You need to restore your iPhone in the recovery mode.

Note: please backup your data, if recently backup then no need to backup up anymore. Because if in case of data loss you can easily recover it from the iCloud or iTunes.

  • Check and update your iTunes to the current version, if in case you are using the previous version.
  • Then open iTunes
  • Now you need to hold the power button until it ask “slide to power off ”
  • Slide it to power off and wait until it completely shut down.
  • Now with the cable, plugged your iPhone device
  • Now hold the home button, after few seconds it will show you the iTunes logo
  • Now it will ask you click OK to restore.
  • When it prompt select “restore from backup”. It will automatically restore all of your data once the process is completed.

Note: this restore process will take some time so take patience, so leave the device until it completely restored.

But what to do in the case of the broken screen or broken power button.

You can still fix the issue if your PC has broken screen.

  1. As we explained earlier you just need to press the home button. After a while screen will show some light.
  2. Now you have to hold the power until it screen gets totally dark.

In the case of not working power button, you can try to remove your phone battery, but this is only possible with the older versions because now all come with an unremovable battery.

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