What Is A Good Download speed And Upload Speed?

The answer to this question depends on the need of your work.

If you have just work of browsing so a normal Internet connection with the speed of 10 MBPS down / 2 MBPS up will be enough.

But if you are going to stream any video or you are trying to be live on any streaming network so it requires some really good internet connection. For this work, you need an internet connection with the speed up to 30+ Mbps down / 8+ Mbps up.  

The answer to this question has many different aspects, but the minimum speed must be 25 Mbps down / 4 Mbps up because this is the issue with most of the internet provider that they unable to provide the same speed which they promise.

So first thing which needed to know in order to find the ideal speed of internet, is the work?

The every Internet connection provide two different speed

  • Download speed
  • Upload speed

Usually, every internet connection provides more speed for download in comparison to upload.

According to the FCC the normal internet speed should be 25 MBPS for download and 4 MBPS for upload for per user.

In many countries like the United States etc, they have fiber optic Internet which normally provides 100 MBPS down / 100 MBPS upload.

But in many countries, the fiber optic cables are not still available.

And in some countries it is available but still, they are unable to provide the speed which is expected to fiber optic connection.

The Speed Of Internet connection depends on many factors

  1. No of the users on the network
  2. Which type of internet service you are using (Broadband, wireless or anything else)
  3. Location
  4. Plan of internet connection

No of the users on the network

Suppose you have an internet connection with 25Mbps down and 3 Mbps up speed but the no of users on the network are 5 so it will divide the main speed between 5 users. And as a result, you will get a slow internet.

So if you have 5 to 6 users on the network so the ideal internet speed should be 100 down / 8 up

Which type of internet service you are using

In comparison to broadband, the wireless networks like internet adapter etc provide better speed because they provide dedicated speed. But broadband works as a sharing internet connection so it always slows down the connection.


There are many locations and countries where high-speed internet connection is not available. So in this case you have no option, you can’t do anything.

Plan of internet connection

Every internet providers have some different data plans with data limit and speed limit. You can easily select your plan according to your need.

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