Top 10 Windows Emulator For MAC 2018 | (Recommended Mac Emulator For Windows)

What to do if you want to run any windows application or game to your Mac computer.

You can’t do anything, it is not possible to run window operating system apps or games to Mac.

But here is one solution you can do.

You can use Windows Emulator for the Mac, which let you enjoy window based programs to your Mac.

What is windows emulator for mac

An emulator is a software application which emulates any specific platform to other.

It is not complicated to use an emulator, you don’t need to be master in this. You just need to download it, install and enjoy.

  1. Download the emulator
  2. Install it
  3. Enjoy

There are lots of windows emulator for Mac, so here we are sharing some best windows emulators for mac.

Parallels Desktop

  • Name of emulator: Parallels Desktop
    OS: Mac
    Type of license: paid

No doubt about the Parallels Desktop that it is one of the best Emulator for Mac. Not only window apps, with this you can enjoy other operating systems apps program too like Linux, Unix etc.


  • Fast speed during using the apps
  • Enjoy many operating systems like Windows, Linux, Unix
  • It is a premium application and totally secure to use
  • Support mostly all of the windows and other OS applications

VMware Fusion

  • Name of emulator: VMware Fusion
  • OS: Mac
  • Type of license: Paid

VMware Fusion is also a window emulator like Parallels Desktop which let you enjoy window application on your Mac operating system. It has a very easy and friendly user interface to run any window applications to your Mac computer.

Virtual PC for Mac

  • Name Of Emulator: Virtual PC
  • OS: MAC
  • Type of license: Free

Virtual Pc is the one of the best and fastest way to emulate window applications and software to Mac or other PC.

CrossOver Mac

  • Name Of Emulator: CrossOver Mac
  • OS: MAC
  • Type of license: Paid

Crossover Mac is a premium emulator for Mac to emulate window operating system based software programs in some easy steps.

Wineskin Winery

  • Name Of Emulator:¬†Wineskin Winery
  • OS: MAC
  • Type of license:

Wineskin Winery it is to make ports for windows applications. And compatible with the older versions of ios like snow leopard etc.


  • Name Of Emulator: VirtualBox
  • OS: MAC
  • Type of license: Free

VirtualBox is best for the home and enterprise users and it is an open source software. So you don’t need to pay anything to use it.


WinOnX let you run the window based program on Mac computer without any windows license.

Boot Camp

  • Name Of Emulator: Boot Camp
  • OS: MAC
  • Type of license:

Boot Camp is a native utility app to install Windows on Mac. It makes a partition for windows OS. But it required window installation iso or DVD files.

Wine Bottler

  1. Name Of Emulator: Wine Bottler
  2. OS: MAC
  3. Type of license: Free

Wine is also an open source emulator software which let you access application like media player, browser, etc to Mac.

Citrix XenApp

  • Name Of Emulator: Citrix XenApp
  • OS: MAC
  • Type of license: Free

Citrix XenApp is also a good software application for Mac to access other operating systems apps.

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